Saturday, October 20, 2012

David Lanz

I've recently discovered New Age Music Artist David Lanz through his most famous piano piece, "Cristofori's Dream." After that, I started purchasing his Piano Solo books "used" through Amazon because I can't get enough of him. Lightly Used, because my eyes and fingers are bigger than my wallet and I've already been purchasing music for myself and my students like a mad dog lately. Contrary to a lot of opinions that New Age Music is just quiet and reflective, thus putting one to sleep...some are vibrant and dramatic. Like this piece, the "Dark Horse," that is quite addicting to play:

I've read that the "Dark Horse" is really supposed to be about how dark horses are the unexpected winners, and David Lanz' Dark Horse is his PIANO.

 The books I currently own are:

David Lanz- Solos for New Age Piano  that includes his infamous "Cristofori's Dream."
The David Lanz Collection that includes amazing piano solos such as: the "Dark Horse," "Dancing on the Berlin Wall," "Prelude to the Firedance," and the "Firedance."
David Lanz-Christmas Eve Piano Solos

On my wishlist is his Finding Paradise book that includes an a breathtaking "Finding Paradise" piece. I hope to collect his other Piano Solo books in the near future.

You can check out his website and preview his songs:

I have to say, I love the New Age genre. There is something magical in it's quality where it soothes the soul and refreshes you. Don't get me wrong, I like Pop, Broadway, Classical, Romantic and even Baroque...but I think New Age is highly underrated. People have probably listened and enjoyed a song from a New Age artist and had no idea what category they belong to. Like Jim Brickman, or George Winston for example. When I first started working at our library as an AV shelver before working the circulation desk, all of these artists would be filed under "popular." Do you have a favorite artist New Age Artist?

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